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Are juices made with all natural ingredients?

Yes! Each juice is made with fresh, never frozen, fruits and vegetables. The additional ingredients, if any, are also raw and organic. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners of any kind are used. 

Can I pick up my order if I'm local to Palm Beach?

Sure. We currently offer a delivery option 6 days of the week, excluding Sunday. If you are local to the Palm Beach area, we'd be happy to deliver your juice(s) to you for a small delivery fee. Please indicate this option during checkout. 

Can I request a custom juice?

Don't see a juice with the ingredients you love? We're working on preparing the best juices with the most requested and most beneficial fruits and vegetables. If you'd like to submit a request for a custom juice, please fill out our contact form. 

Will my juice spoil during shipping?

Not at all. Similar to the all natural juices you buy from your local grocer, the ingredients are ok to last unrefrigerated while the juice is unopened. Once the seal is broken, refrigeration is recommended for the most refreshing taste. 

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